Yinjiu Tang

Yinjiu Tang


Yinjiu Tang is a painter, writer, and poet who resides in Taipei. His works in various mediums constitute an interrelated, mutually reinforcing, and permeating creative system. His artworks are not isolated visual concepts, but rather communicate with his novels and modern poetry, jointly expressing his experience of thinking about the world, involving extensive and complex spiritual and historical research. Tang's painting works are deeply influenced by abstract expressionism, full of dynamics, and their dramatic compositions with strong palettes immediately attract viewers' attention.



Yinjiu Tang has held multiple solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Beijing, with his works included in significant private collections and institutions from countries and regions including Austria, the United States, China, Japan, amongst others. In 2018, his solo exhibition "Faces" in Hong Kong had attracted more than 300 media reports.The artist's publications include novels like "Tossing", "A Chair in the Air", "A Tiny Piece of Floating Cloud", "Dregs", "Barefoot Gallop", "A Beach", and a poetry collection titled "Time's Silly Girl".


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Yinjiu Tang is a unique artist with a keen sense of curiosity and analytical thinking. In addition to his own creative field, he is truly engaged with the development and future of the world around us. This painter and writer is often invited to speak at academic and art institutions throughout the Greater China region, and has been recognized by renowned curators both domestically and abroad since 2018. Since 2020, Tang Yinjiu has also begun exploring digital art and insists on experimenting new media for his creations.


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