Isa van Lier

Isa van Lier


Isa van Lier is an Amsterdam-based artist born in 1996. Having graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, the artist explores the boundaries between form and non-form through her creative expressions, which encompass paintings, ceramic sculptures, and immersive room-filling installations. Her art advocates for an understanding rooted in intuition, the corporeal, and the spiritual, challenging the dominance of reason, hierarchy, and conventional concepts. Van Lier skillfully orchestrates a captivating interplay between these opposing forces, revealing unexpected affinities that prompt a reevaluation of their relationship.



Van Lier has exhibited, amongst others, at Het HEM, Zaandam, Art Rotterdam, 3.00G gallery, Tokyo and Galerie Fleur & Wouter, Amsterdam. In 2022 her work was shown at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam and at the exhibition Paradys in Oranjewoud. She did residencies at EKWC, Oisterwijk and at Het HEM in Zaandam.

伊莎·凡·里尔曾在赞丹 Het HEM、鹿特丹艺术中心、东京 3.00G 画廊和阿姆斯特丹 Fleur & Wouter 画廊等地举办过展览。2022 年,她的作品在鹿特丹美术馆和奥拉涅沃德 Paradys 展览上展出。她在奥斯特韦克的 EKWC 和赞丹的 Het HEM 都曾有过艺术家驻留项目。

Words from the curator

Looking at Isa van Lier’s work, you are immediately transported to another world. A happy, playful and soft universe, in which curiosity and joy predominate. Her ceramic sculptures, paintings and installations often look cute, with a happy or content expression, playful colors and smooth surfaces. It’s tempting to touch them or play with them. In 2019 Van Lier spent four months in Japan as an exchange student at Tokyo Zokei University. This had a profound influence on her work. She was inspired by Japanese “kawai” culture, but also by 'shinto animism', which believes everything has a soul. By adding personalities to the shapes in her work, she applies this philosophy to herself and the objects around her. In return, her many creatures invite you into their world, inspiring you to look at things differently. With her work Van Lier explores the way in which we relate to the world around us and questions whether there are still spaces that allow play, and a more child-like wonder.

看着伊莎·凡·里尔的作品,你会立即被带到另一个世界。一个快乐、有趣、柔软的宇宙,其中好奇心和欢乐在其中占主导地位。她的陶瓷雕塑、绘画和装置通常看起来很可爱,有着快乐或满足的表情、俏皮的色彩和光滑的表面。观者会不由自主地想触摸它们或与它们玩耍。2019 年,伊莎·凡·里尔作为交换生在日本东京造型大学度过了四个月。这对她的工作产生了深远的影响。 她受到日本“卡哇伊”文化的启发,也受到“神道万物有灵论”的启发,该文化相信万物都有灵魂。 通过在作品中的形状中添加个性,她将这一理念应用到她自己和周围的物体上。作为回报,她的许多创造也邀请观者进入他们的世界,从而以不同的方式看待事物。凡·里尔通过她的作品探索了我们与周围世界的联系方式,并质疑是否仍然存在可以玩耍的空间,以及是否还有更多孩子般的奇迹。

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