Joyce Wu

Joyce Wu


Joyce Wu weaves her creative tapestry between two worlds. Hailing from the fusion of American-Chinese heritage, Joyce calls the city of Shanghai her artistic home. With an eclectic range of mediums at her disposal, including soft sculptures, paintings, drawings, and ceramics, she unveils a mesmerizing array of artistic expressions.



Joyce Wu graduated from School Parsons in Paris with a BFA in Fashion Design. With her unique expertise in fine arts, design and creative direction, the artist has collaborated with various brands globally, including The North Face, Casetify, Adidas, Picnic Art Festival in 2021 and Art Book Shanghai 2020.


Words from the curator

Drawing inspiration from her role as an astute city observer, Joyce Wu delves into the tapestry of her surroundings, capturing moments that ignite her imagination. Whether it's a leisurely stroll through a park, the growth of her cherished plants, the nocturnal escapades on her bicycle, or the enigmatic allure of her furry-tailed cat, her creations seamlessly blend the essence of her everyday experiences. By employing acrylics, pastel sticks, watercolors, markers, and more, Joyce Wu skillfully etches fleeting fragments of urban narratives, encapsulating the essence of the city through her unique perspective.


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