Thijs Zweers

Thijs Zweers


Thijs Zweers is a Dutch artist currently based in Amsterdam. The artist makes bold, multimedia canvases that oftentimes illustrate luxuriant leaves and bushes, enhanced by neon and other mediums. Although the imageries of plants are digitally designed, Zweers uses chalks and charcoals to transfer them onto the canvases, ultimately creating reconstructed digital images.



Thijs Zweers has exhibited extensively at galleries and institutions in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, and more. A virtuoso in various different mediums, the artist is also exploring more digital methods and the world of NFTs in recent years.


Words from the curator

In the history of art, the allegory was a once a popular form for artists to illustrate and “personify” abstract concepts, virtues and more. For instance, the idea of “time” was represented as a lyre playing elderly man in Nicolas Poussin’s painting. The lush, tropical, canvases by Thijs Zweers can be seen as an allegory of the Internet, where virtuality is disguised as reality.

在艺术史中,托寓的手法曾常常被艺术家在画中使用,以表现抽象的概念,或将品德等无形的观念“拟人化”。 例如,“时间”的概念在尼古拉斯·普桑的画作中就表现为一位弹奏七弦琴的老者。泰斯·茨韦尔斯所创作的一系列郁郁葱葱的图像便可以看作是互联网的托寓,以表现虚拟和现实的边界。

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