Yuxuan Liu

Yuxuan Liu


Born in Beijing in 1993, Yuxuan Liu acquired her BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Canada, then completed her MA studies at Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. The artist's belief in the potential to unveil the essence of humanity from lifeless objects compels her to meld various mediums into the sculptural paintings, crafting a virtual ambiance through semi-realistic object depictions and subtle background treatments. These visual creations serve as her means to provoke viewers into redefining the concept of existence, inviting them to engage in silent dialogues with the still life pieces and prompting contemplation of their own humanity.



The artist has participated in various exhibitions at prolific institutes and galleries in China and Canada, including Today Art Museum, Beijing; Concourse Gallery, Vancouver; Neighborhood Gallery, Vancouver; China Sounds of Nature Art Research Institution, Beijing; and PLAZA Project, Richmond.

Words from the curator

Yuxuan Liu artworks initiate a serene quest to discover anthropomorphic beauty and significance within artifacts. She consistently pushes the boundaries of conventional representation and discourse on human essence through her paintings and occasionally sculptures too. Both still life and portraiture captivate Liu's interest, driving her to delve into the interplay between these two genres.

刘宇轩的作品开启了一种宁静的探索——尤其是发现文物中的拟人之美和意义。艺术家不断地通过她的绘画和雕塑作品来突破关于人类本质的传统表现和话语的界限。 同时,在刘宇轩的作品中可见其对静物画和肖像画的兴趣,以及她深入研究这两种类型之间的相互作用的过程。

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