Annegret Kellner

Annegret Kellner


Annegret Kellner, a German artist residing in Amsterdam, is recognized for her photographic and sculptural creations that focus on the delicate portrayal of distressed indoor plants. Her daring techniques generate both dissonant and consoling experiences. Kellner frequently turns to plants to convey human behavior, emotions, and ideas.



Annegret Kellner’s artworks are currently in the collections of The Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, KPMG collection, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ymere cooperation, AMC Collection, Rijnstate Art Collection and the collection of Amerborgh International. She has held (solo) exhibitions in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Rome, Stockholm, Uruguay, among others.

安妮格特·凯尔纳的作品目前被阿克苏诺贝尔艺术基金会、KPMG、荷兰外交部、Ymere、AMC Collection、Rijnstate Art Collection和Amerborgh International收藏。 她曾在阿姆斯特丹、鹿特丹、柏林、德累斯顿、罗马、斯德哥尔摩、乌拉圭等地举办过个展。

Words from the curator

As part of her artistic process, Annegret Kellner frequently studies plants, using their subdued will to survive, materiality, and resilience in the face of human domination as the cornerstone of her plant-focused installations and photographs. Her creations showcase the plants' suppressed survival instinct, their materiality, and their adaptability. In a way similar to a performance, she enacts actions and showcases their outcomes through photos or videos. Kellner generates tension by making subtle interventions in her works, effectively translating human behavior, emotions, and ideas.


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