Daan Zuijderwijk

Daan Zuijderwijk


There is much to envy, say and admire about how photographer Daan Zuijderwijk lives and works with nature. Zuijderwijk exposes hidden aspects and plays with the experience of the landscapes. The conceptual photos take us into how he sees and cherishes the beauty of the world by transforming unexpected places encountered during many hours of walking, running and climbing through varied European landscapes into enchanting nocturnal microcosms.

荷兰摄影师摄影师丹·扎德维克常年在大自然中迁移的生活,有许多值得羡慕、赞扬和钦佩之处。 艺术家与全家人生活在房车之中,四处旅行,通过亲身体验揭开野外风景隐藏而神秘的一面。 这些概念性的摄影作品皆是扎德维克在穿越欧洲大陆,于数小时的步行、跑步和攀爬中创作的。其中意想不到的奇异角落在镜头中幻化为迷人的微观世界,带领观者以全新角度体验世界之美。


Since 2017, the artist has been living the contemporary nomad life with his partner and three daughters. Over the past decade, Zuijderwijk held multiple shows in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. He also publicized various photo books about his projects.


Words from the curator

It is important to know Daan Zuijderwijk to see beyond the beauty of the perfectly shaped, lighted or colored landscapes that are a force in itself. His, and his family’s ‘art of living’ is groundbreaking and resonates the sense of urgency for change. That is why his work together with their life's artwork becomes a monumental statement about “the life elsewhere”.


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