Lexing Zhong

Lexing Zhong


Born in 1984 in Hunan, China, Zhong Lexing presently resides and practices his artistry in Shanghai. His works exhibit a profound reconfiguration of narrative spatiality within the sources from medical textbooks, employing traditional Chinese medical illustrations as his canvas. Amidst his creations, a perpetual thematic undercurrent of "contact" and "touch" persists, yet avoiding the conventions of linear narrative exploration. In his deconstruction of the original narratives, Zhong unveils a compelling discourse on the corporeal and interpersonal, invoking a reimagined realm of visual contemplation.



In 2014, Lexing Zhong was awarded the John Moores Painting Prize. He has held extensive solo exhibitions at prestigious art institutions, including Spring Art Museum, Shanghai; Korean Culture Center, Shanghai; Kommunale Art Museum, Berlin; Green Space, Shanghai; Yibo Gallery, Shanghai; Ke Art Museum, Shanghai; Chen Chi Art Museum, Wuxi; YELL Space, Sichuan; Art Depot, Beijing; Fosun Foundation, Shanghai; BLANK Gallery, Shanghai, amongst others.


Words from the curator

Lexing Zhong often employs linen as the base for his artworks, a choice that masterfully blends the texture of the coarse fabric with the artist's candid and bold brushwork, creating a harmonious resonance with the theme of "touch" which he seeks to convey. Within these compositions, the artist's rich and solid color blocks serve as a distinct support, seemingly magnifying and expanding the surrounding narrative, allowing it to roam and float in the spatial realm, thereby delivering an irresistible and potent visual experience for the viewers.


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