Tian Teng

Tian Teng


Born in 1996, Tian Teng initially pursued studies in statistics in Shanghai, China, before discovering her innate artistic aptitude. This revelation prompted her relocation to the Netherlands, where she embarked on a formal education in fine arts at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. Presently located in Utrecht, Tian Teng has successfully transitioned into her role as a professional artist. Within her recent series titled "The Shape of Unseen," Tian Teng directs her focus towards the mundane yet easily overlooked window scenes that often escape the attention of local inhabitants. Through this body of work, she accentuates the intricate facets of everyday existence, as observed through the discerning lens of an outsider.



A rising star in the emerging art world, Tian Teng has participated in various group exhibitions throughout the Netherlands, including Galerie Ron Mandos, Mondriaanhuis, Arti et Amicitiae and more. She was also invited to the Young Collectors Circle Festival in 2022, as well as Springboard Art Fair in 2023. Her works are in the collections of Channable, KPMG Art Collection, and Stichting Heden.

滕天作为艺术新秀,已于过去三年参加过荷兰各地的群展,画廊包括 Galerie Ron Mandos、Mondriaanhuis、Arti et Amicitiae 等。 除此之外,她还受邀参加了2022年青年收藏家节 (Young Collectors Circle Festival) 和2023年Springboard艺术博览会。她的作品被Channable、KPMG艺术基金会及荷兰海牙Stichting Heden收藏。

Words from the curator

Each artwork crafted by Tian Teng encapsulates a meticulously chosen setting captured at a precise moment in the day. Teng's artistic rendition holds paramount significance; while engrossed in her paintings, she orchestrates a harmonious interplay of illumination, composition, and structure. This intricate interweaving yields captivating depictions of the constructed environment, prompting a meditative exploration of one's visual encounter. Within numerous pieces, Teng ingeniously imparts a dual significance to reflection. Through the mirrored panes, one's perception often wavers between an allegorical insight into personal lives and a literal engagement with the exterior world's mirrored elements. This interplay not only underscores the resonance and multiplicity within the exhibited collection but also underscores the city's intrinsic coherence and adaptability.


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