Tianjun Zhang

Tianjun Zhang


Tianjun Zhang is a contemporary artist based in Shanghai, China. Usually painting on canvases, Zhang has a lasting and passionate interest in classical Chinese landscapes. Employing various techniques, the artist derives inspirations from the past and traditions, yet continues to innovate and explore the unknowns of the future.



Tianjun Zhang's series of solo exhibition, Fountain of Youth, have received great success in Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing. The artist is the youngest artist who joined the "Neo-Moroism" project at Tokyo Gallery+BTAP. He is also the second youngest artist to hold a solo exhibition at the Aurora Museum in Shanghai. Zhang's works are currently in the collections of The museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou; Yuz Museum, Shanghai; Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai; Poly Art Space, Hong Kong; amongst other predominant private collections around the world.


Words from the curator

In Tianjun Zhang's latest work, he focuses on the act of creation itself. He immerses himself in constant sanding, smudging and tracing of the canvases, exploring the unknown territories outside the common aesthetic practicies. In an era where the concepts of concrete and abstract have been repeatedly discussed and compared, Zhang consciously elaves traces and clues of interlacing brush strokes on his canvases, depicting a time and space that extends beyond earthly perceptions. Interestingly, whenever the artist saves the imgaes of his works to the album on his phone, they are automatically classified as "skies", then uploaded to the cloud. In today's world where data is efficiently classifies by algorithm, Zhang's artistic perspective might as well be uploaded to the cloud, making him a creator of the skies.


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