Erik de Bree

Erik de Bree


As an artist, Erik de Bree's work involves both the act of painting and the process of creating. In the past 15 years, he approaches each series of work with curiosity about the material and its potential for artistic expression. The artist's studio is like a laboratory where he experiments with different materials and ideas, allowing the process to guide him towards a final result. The finished works are not preconceived grand statements, but rather the outcomes of a creative process that seeks to remain curious and open to new possibilities. Ultimately, Erik's goal is to discover a new visual language that is hidden in the everyday materials around us.

作为一名艺术家,埃里克·德布雷的作品是关于绘画行为和创作过程本身的。在过去15年间,他对每个系列的作品都充满好奇心,并喜爱探索材料的潜力以及其在艺术表现上的可能性。工作室对这位艺术家而言类似实验室,他在这里尝试不同的材料和想法,让过程引导他走向最终的结果。这些作品不是先入为主的宏大叙事,而是寻求保持好奇心并对新的可能性持开放态度的创作过程的结果。 埃里克的终极目标是在我们周围日常材料中发现新的视觉语言。


Erik de Bree has exhibited his artworks in numerous solo and group exhibitions in several countries including The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and the United States. He has been awarded various art prizes and his work is collected by institutions such as Museum Voorlinden (NL), Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders (DE), Collection Fentener van Vlissingen (NL), as well as several corporate and private collections.

Words from the curator

Erik de Bree's trip to the Azores in 2013, supported by the Van Vlissingen Art Foundation, allowed him to expand his artistic vision and explore new themes in his work. The dilapidation of the buildings and walls in the Azores captured his attention, and he successfully incorporated these elements into his work.

埃里克·德布雷在Van Vlissingen艺术基金会的支持下于2013年前往亚速尔群岛旅行,这使他能够拓展自己的艺术视野并在作品中探索新的主题。亚速尔群岛破旧的建筑和墙壁引起了他的注意,而他也成功地将这些元素融入到他的作品中。

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