Donglai Meng

Donglai Meng


Often inspired by fictional stories, Chinese artist Donglai Meng creates whimsical compositions that explore the connection between psychological spaces and human experiences in the society. The fantastical narratives draw the audiences into dreamlands that are full of wits, movements and imaginations.



Donglai Meng has held solo exhibitions in Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands. She won the Stipendium Emerging Artists at Mondriaan Fonds in 2020, and received her Artist Projects Grants from Mondriaan Fonds in 2021. In her free time, Meng writes web fictions and has a cult following.


Words from the curator

Donglai Meng’s motifs of “hairy legs” in first appeared in 2019. They are rendered in all shapes and forms - sometimes the center of an intimate interior, sometimes a deity in the shrine, sometimes on a dog, and sometimes a clue in a fictional murder case. The once shameful bushes of hair are now transformed into colorful and humorous protagonists in the artist’s oeuvres.


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